Welcome to KeithSport, This time we will provide information about the game that is being played a lot. For those of you who like the game can follow the extent of his information here. Like this time, we will give you some tips and tricks from dragon nest game m.

Dragon Nest M

This mobile game is adapted from PC games with the same game name. The mobile version of the game was released on 12th April. This game is played a lot because many players from PCs waiting in this new version, but many other players who just play.

For those of you who are new to play, we will give little tips and tricks for this game so you guys can have a strong character in a short time.

  1. Leveling: For those of you who are new to play must keep playing in order to get a high level, because with a high level you can open the game mode.
  2. Daily Tuhas: It is important that you follow every task in this daily task, in addition to completing the mission, you can also get XP to speed up the level of increase that you have.
  3. Daily Mission: In addition to daily tasks you can also see the daily task because there you can see what modes you can play at this time, even there you can see the mode of fighting at certain hours like Nest that can only be followed 2x in one day.
  4. Strengthen items: For beginners, focus first to increase the level of items that have, because although the item is replaced at the level that it will have fixed.
  5. Join the guild: There will be many advantages if you join the guild like a game of cards and dice, other advantages you can ask for help to complete a mission or an adventure that must be played by many players.
  6. Complete the Adventure: This is important because by completing all the battle maps, you can speed up your battle level.
  7. Battle points: Everyone can have a high level in a fast time but not necessarily have a high BP as well, because BP is influenced by the items in use and the quality of the item, therefore we suggest that you focus on increasing levels items.
  8. Playing in the arena: If your stamina runs out, you can play in the arena while waiting for your full stamina. By playing in the arena you will also get an honorarium that you can use to buy items or costumes of interest, But I suggest to buy material that can increase item level.
  9. Dragon Coins: Note the use of dragon coins, use this coin as best you can not use it for things that are not important.
  10. Be strong: and lastly, you can go in a powerful menu, there are a lot of guides at once can help you to have a high BP.

And that’s tips and tricks from Dragon Nest M from us, hopefully with these tips and tricks can make you have a strong character and become the best player in this game. Thank you for visiting and do not forget to give your comments and suggestions.

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