Many think that every musician is full of laziness, and the revelation can be seen from the state of his bedroom is a mess. But it’s wrong, not all musicians like that, it depends on the person’s character.

Bedroom Design Music

Here we will discuss some examples of bedroom designs from people who love music, and maybe this can give you inspiration for your dream sleeper.

© Stef

The placement of room goods and accessories with a regular make the bedroom comfortable to look at, and this may provide a little inspiration for those of you who have a lot of room accessories such as guitars that you can keep on the wall as decoration when not in use.

© Laura Grabavoy

You can combine the dark colors of your music equipment with a relaxed color like brown and dark blue or purple like the above photos to give a broad effect on the room.

© Janine Walker

The selection of dark colors does not matter as long as you can tidy up your bed will be nice to look like in the photo above.

©Hurricane Tyler

You can adjust the photos of your favorite mission with the theme of your bedroom to match the items in your bedroom like, The right placement can give the impression of the room like the photo above that put a music sticker or concert tickets that your collection on the roof of the bedroom.

© Elaine Lopez

If you are a lover of classical music, of course, a lot of unused discs. You can imitate the photo above that utilizes the old record that is pasted on the wall as your bedroom decoration.

Drum On Bedroom

For the drummer, often have trouble typing the placing of drums in their room, so that the bedroom they have become narrow. We will give you some pictures that you can imitate to create the bedroom of your dreams.

© Cassie Walker
© Tracy Bloom

Wall Art

A little extra for those of you who are difficult to follow the photographs above for some factors such as room and other suites you can create your own and give a little decoration like some photos that have been given. In addition, you can decorate your bedroom wall with Wall Art themed music. There are some pictures that you may be able to imitate.

© Babu.r
© Tori Breaux
© Mukamu Jelek

That’s the information today for you the musicians who want a new bedroom atmosphere, hopefully, some of this information can be an inspiration for you.

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