Hallo music fans, Here we will give you a little basic information from music, that is to know the types of music. We hope with this article you can understand how many kinds of music that exist in this world.

Music is a sequence of tone or harmony arranged and creates a beautiful tone or a balanced rhythm so beautiful to be listened to. Music is also divided into several types or genres. But basically, this type of music is divided into only three parts of traditional music, art music, and popular music.

Music Art

Basically, all types of music created from an art of the creator, but there is one type of music that is classical music that prioritizes the beauty of the tone that distinguishes it different from other types of music. Speaking of classical music is very broad and much to explain because this type of music stems from the art of music from the west.

Popular Music

This type of music is a type of music that many are familiar because this type of music is very much in love. This type of music is the most abundant chamber music Jazz, rock, pop, and more. we will give you a brief information about the types of music below:


This type of music comes from America. This jazz music is a combination of various types of musical instruments that finally created a new type of music. This type of music is usually more known by certain circles of people only because this music does sound elegant and very classy.


This type of music began in the know in 1940 and growing until now. This type of music does have a lot of fans and many musicians who create a lot of this music because it is easier also for them to get fans. With the development of rock types, many types of music that has the basis of this music such as Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard rock, and many others.


Almost the same as rock music, this type of music has many fans because this music has a hard level and contains a shout that is united with dynamic music. This type of music is also divided into du sections namely Heavy Metal and Black Metal.



Music that has a modern concept is much of interest because this music is so easily accepted by most people so this type of music can compete with rock music in the number of enthusiasts. Many musicians are created from this type of music like King Of Pop Michael Jackson who became the legend of this music to date.

Traditional Music

This type of music is usually created from the daily life of an area and not a few special instruments that are created from this type of music, or can be said you must know what kind of musical instruments are commonly used in this type of music.

Country music is one example of this music that is known all over the world from the southern American country or more precisely in the area of Appalachia. Many are familiar with this music because this type of music is synonymous with a guitar instrument.


And that’s some examples of the types of music that are known all over the world. What kind of music do you like ?. Hopefully, with this information, you can find out what kind of music you like and learn the music you love to become a musician with the kind of music you love. thank you for visiting and do not forget to visit friends again.

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